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TDC ready for top speeds throughout Denmark

TDC ready for top speeds throughout Denmark

<p>On Tuesday, TDC secured a new licence to offer mobile broadband across Denmark. With the new licence, TDC can give the entire country access to top speeds via mobile broadband on the lightning-fast 4G network.</p> <p>“We are very pleased with the outcome as the frequencies enable us to underline TDC’s position as the strongest network in Denmark. In fact, we’ll be building one of the strongest 4G networks in Europe,” says TDC’s President and CEO, Henrik Poulsen.</p> <p>The auction is based on the limited range of airborne broadcasting frequencies, and the Danish government therefore manages the rights to use them. To do this, the government auctions the licences for these frequency bands.</p> <p>Over the past few weeks, the Danish Business authority has auctioned a total of five ‘frequency blocks’ in the 800 MHz band. TDC has won four of these blocks, which gives TDC an especially good scope for rolling out long-range 4G mobile broadband throughout Denmark.</p> <p>“We have obtained what are clearly the most attractive frequency blocks at a reasonable price. This means TDC will remain the core contributor of services that ensure Denmark as a front-runner in terms of digital development. I’m particularly pleased that we can now give all areas of Denmark – both urban and rural – access to a very strong, clearly top-class 4G network,” explains Henrik Poulsen.</p> <p>Together with the frequencies, TDC has undertaken to provide coverage in compliance with the rules of the licenses. This means that TDC will safeguard stronger coverage in areas of Denmark currently experiencing patchy coverage. More than 99% of the entire population will have access to 4G technology, which can provide speeds of up to 150 Mbps.</p> <p>TDC will be paying a total of 628 million for the frequency blocks, which will be taken into use as early as 1 January 2013.</p> <p>Facts:</p> <p>• Auctions have been held for a total of five frequency blocks: The four ‘B blocks’ of 2x5 MHz each that TDC has now won and the ‘A block’ of 2x10 MHz</p> <p>• The A block is close to the TV signal frequency; therefore masts may not be erected in certain areas where TV reception can be disturbed. This does not apply to TDC’s frequency blocks, however, which are not subject to restrictions and can be expanded everywhere</p> <p>• The 800 MHz band is most suitable for providing 4G mobile broadband, as it covers long distances and also effectively ensures optimum indoor coverage</p> <p>• More frequency blocks give higher speed, longer rang and stronger indoor penetration. TDC is the only European telco who has obtained 2x20 MHz in the 800 MHz band</p> <p>• In principle, TDC’s frequency blocks in the 800 MHz band allow for speeds of up to150 Mbps via the 4G network depending on distance and number of users</p>

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